Kangoo Jumps.

Kangoo Jumps are the lowest impact running shoes! Kangoo Jumps are safe, low impact rebound sport shoes, which provide many great health benefits for all ages and fitness levels. Originally developed to provide marathon runners and alternate mode of training in order to reduce impact on the joints experienced during running, Kangoo Jumps now bring various training formats to all fitness trainers and enthusiasts. Currently, Kangoo Jumps are found around the world, in countries including, Romania, Hungary, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Australia and the United States. Not only are Kangoo Jumps bringing joy to runners, but they are adding fun and excitement to dance aerobic workouts, boot camp classes, children’s activities and physical rehabilitation centers.

Unique Benefits:

1. Kangoo Jumps provide all of the health benefits that rebound exercise provides. A few of these benefits include increased lymphatic circulation, increased capacity for respiration, increased gravitational load to strengthen the musculoskeletal system, joint protection due to decreased impact, and improved transmission of nerve impulses to and from the brain. In addition, rebounding provides a total body exercise experience, including activity at the cellular level, where the functional activity of bone marrow is enhanced, thus boosting red blood cell counts.

2. Using Kangoo Jumps requires core stabilization, thus improves posture through abdominal, back and core strengthening. Due to the unstable base, improved balance and stability are experienced.

3. Kangoo Jumps allow for increased caloric expenditure. Due to the weight of the shoes, the rebound nature of the exercise and the increased amount of muscle recruitment, a person burns more calories than they would wearing normal athletic shoes.

4. With their patented Impact Protection System, Kangoo Jumps decrease the impact on the joints and back usually experienced when running or jumping. Kangoo Jumps absorb approximately 80% of the impact.

5. Kangoo Jumps are fun! Used by people ages 6-90 years old, Kangoo Jumps provide the opportunity for all fitness levels to experience the benefits of cardiovascular training in a fun, comfortable way. Athletes can vary their routines, and those new to exercise can experience success and enjoyment with initial workouts.