Every fitness instructor loves, when their class is packed! The energy and enthusiasm is contagious and powerful! As an instructor, what can you do to build a following of faithful participants? Use these 6 strategies to build your following and pack the room every time. Follow these steps and increase your class size!

Show up! Being consistent and minimizing the amount of substitute coverage needed is a sure way to show your dependability and commitment to your participants. Life brings surprises, but being on time and ready to go builds trusting relationships with members.

Show personal interest. Take the time to get to know your members. You don’t need to pry about their personal lives, but definitely make an effort to introduce yourself and use their names. Make your members feel important. Let them know that you are genuinely happy they showed up to take your class. Thank them for coming!

Keep it fresh! Make sure your participants feel like you’ve created something special for them. It doesn’t have to be a completely new class, but always changing a little something will keep your class on their toes and curious about what you have to offer.

Be a tease! Give your class something to look forward to next week. Perhaps it’s a new music playlist, a different piece of equipment, a specific exercise or a fun challenge that they will not want to miss. This lets your members know you plan your classes thoughtfully.

Educate! Let your participants know you are on top of your game and hold current certifications. Share the latest research you’ve read regarding fitness, health or nutrition. Give them some information from a professional conference you’ve just attended. Your members will be happy to know that their instructor is up to date, informed and on the cutting edge of the industry.

Have fun! Keep it fun! Make your classes something to look forward to. Yes, you should provide a fantastic workout, but in doing so, be sure to make each and every participant feel successful. Offer useful modifications, positive encouragement and feedback. Your class should not be a source of negative stress. Empower your participants to feel strong and healthy!

Use these strategies to build lasting relationships with your participants! You will keep yourself energized, and your classes full!