The photos below reflect decades of memories in my various fitness endeavors and achievements.

I have been able to have a positive impact on my community. I have lived in various places over the past 15 years, including LA, Miami and Massachusetts. In each of these places I have been able to be a part of some amazing initiatives that have truly inspired people to fitness and health. While in Los Angeles, I was involved in the Students Run LA program.
This volunteer program has prepared over 66,000 youths to run the LA Marathon since 1989. The program is all about mentoring, teaching kids about goal setting, overcoming obstacles and tenacity through marathon training. I was able to serve as the lead coach for our South Central LA based high school team, ranging from 25-35 members, for three years, 2007-2010 and continue to support the program financially when I can.

I also had the opportunity to participate in the creation, development and facilitation of SOS Mentor Shape UP Program, a nutrition and fitness education and mentoring program for elementary and high school students. I was able to serve as a board member for this organization for a short time and continue to support it by donating my fitness DVDs for children and families, making monetary contributions, and I even created a CrowdRise fundraising page for SOS Mentor Shape Up in place of a wedding registry in 2012.

In 2014 I became a member of THE Force, meaning an ambassador for the company VIMMIA. VIMMIA is more than a clothing company providing fit fashion.

They have created the Warrior One Project which is about turning the “active” community into an “activist” community. I have had the honor to participate in Warrior One Project fundraising retreats for the Jonah Pournazarian Fund in 2014 and breast cancer research in 2015. With the support of VIMMIA, I’ve been able to provide donations at various events I participate in, ranging from the Be Well-Weekend of Wellness at the Woodstock Inn in Vermont in August of 2017 to Baby Boot Camp’s Annual Conference in Sarasota, FL in September of 2018. For the last two years, living on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, I’ve been able to offer low cost group fitness classes through one of the local recreation departments. Teaching classes in local elementary school gymnasiums has allowed meet to meet some awesome locals who would probably never venture into a tradition fitness club setting.

From this community opportunity, this year I was able to captain a community team of 20, The Cape Cod Spartans, as we participated in the Spartan Sprint race at Fenway Park in Boston. Leading up to this event, I voluntarily offered several preparatory classes at a local Cross Fit gym to work out and practice technique on various obstacles. On a family level, I somehow managed to talk my sister and brother-in-law into running their first marathon this year, 2018.