As a fitness instructor, I like to make an impact on my community by doing my part to inspire the world to fitness. I value sharing education and personal goals with my students in an effort to motivate and inspire them to reach for more. Connect with me to see how we can work together!


Wellness is a multi-faceted endeavor and way of life, including nutrition. I help my clients and students strike a balance between these areas. Nutrition is how food affects the health of the body. Food is essential—it provides vital nutrients for survival, and helps the body function and stay healthy. Email me to learn how we can work together.


I positively impact my students and inspire them to fitness by elevating them through education, leading by example and creating and maintaining an inclusive and welcoming environment. Sharing interesting points from a book I’m currently reading or a research article recently read always adds more to my class participants’ experience.

A Little Bit About My Philosophy.

Inspiring the world to fitness includes the impact I make on my industry peers. For the past year and a half, I have had the opportunity to work as a Studio Program Developer for Life Time Athletic. In this position, as a member of the innovation group, I do a lot of research in support of new group fitness class innovations and play a significant role in the design of these classes and formats. I subsequently create instructor training materials, sample class programs and facilitate instructor education sessions. Life Time has over 140 clubs, so to be able to support and impact my fellow instructors around the country is amazing! Formats I’ve played a key role, or contributing role, in bringing to and/or piloting at Life Time include, Spartan Strong, ALPHA Fight, TEAM Spartan, Fit4Life, and Ring Side. In addition to supporting and educating my peers through this role, I’ve had the opportunity to present at several industry conferences including, IDEA, CanFit Pro (World Fitness Expo) in Canada and FitPro LIVE in the UK. Having worked on the program development team for MOSSA’s ViPR program, I’ve also had the opportunity to create content, film instructor program releases, facilitate instructor trainings and do research and writing for the education department.

Throughout the past 3 years, I’ve facilitated or co-facilitated approximately 40 instructor trainings. In a less formal manner, I feel I impact my peers through social media. I regularly provide inspiration on #MotivationalMonday and content for fellow instructors and fitness enthusiasts on #WorkoutWednesday. I have received thoughtful notes of thanks from both instructors and others for providing them with ideas for classes and workouts.

Though I positively impact my peers in these tangible ways, I also try to be a good person. I’ve been in the industry for over 25 years, and I have chosen kindness over cliquishness, being a team player over acting like a diva, demonstrating a strong work ethic over unprofessionalism and integrity over iniquity. I hope that in addition to the tangible, these good vibes have impacted my peers even more so.

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