Stay Fit For The Holidays.

We all agree that beginning around mid-November through December, it gets more and more challenging to make time for the gym. No one wants to miss a workout or a favorite class, but things like holiday parties, family visits and shopping obligations tend to make it hard not to.

What can you do to stay fit during this season? Check the tips below to help you and enjoy the season, without losing sight of your health.

1. Race! Take advantage of family visits, and encourage one another to make a healthy fitness activity a part of the festivities. Invite your relatives to join you in the local Turkey Trot, 5K Christmas Run or New Year’s Day road race. Not only is it a great way to move, but it is also a great way to spend time together doing something besides eating!

2. Cook! Make an effort to incorporate 1 or 2 new, healthier versions of traditional family side dishes or desserts into your menu. Perhaps try making a low fat pumpkin pie, using low fat milk in your mash potatoes, or making real cranberry dressing with real cranberries. Add 1 or 2 more vegetable dishes and celebrate the additional color and flavors on your table!

3. Tap into technology! You don’t have to visit the gym these days to catch a workout. Get online and take advantage of apps, streaming fitness workouts or gadgets to get you motivated and moving. Visit and stream my latest downloadable workouts. Or, buy the DVDs on my website, If that is not your thing, get moving with one of the many gadgets out there that measures your steps and/or activity throughout the day.

4. Go outside! Depending on where you live, there are lots of options outside. If you live in an area where it snows, go out and play! Grab the kids and go sledding, build a snowman, snowshoe, ski or skate. If you get to stay warm throughout the holiday season, grab a walking buddy or a running partner. Bike with kids or take the dog for a longer walk than usual to make sure you fit something in.

5. Use the crowds to your advantage! Turn the busy parking lots into an opportunity to move! Instead of fighting for the closest spot, choose a spot far from the entrance on purpose and take advantage of the long walk! As those shopping bags start to weigh you down, challenge yourself to a workout. Take the stairs in the mall instead of the elevator or escalator.

6. Squeeze it in! Even if it is 10 push-ups or a 60 second plank, do it every morning or every night. Create your own Hanukkah fitness celebration with an 8-day challenge by adding 10 seconds on to the previous day’s plank. How about a fitness Advent calendar? Create a countdown to Christmas with a new exercise each day. Anything is better than nothing.

You can do it! Keep moving during the holiday season! A healthy you is better for everyone!