• Have access to over 60 fitness classes each week.
  • Experience a mix of virtual LIVE classes using the ZOOM platform and recorded classes.
  • Gain access to approximately 10 LIVE classes a week!
  • Sign up before the scheduled start times and enjoy recorded classes whenever you’d like. You have flexibility, as long as you get it done on the same day it’s scheduled. Content becomes unavailable at midnight.
  • Enjoy over 16 different formats
What’s it cost you?  You’ve got options!
  • $10/class
  • $69/month – Unlimited access to all classes
  • $177/3 months paid up front – Unlimited access to all classes (Works out to $59/month!)
What do you get for joining?  I mean, in addition to accountability, expert instruction and fun?!
The first 100 FOUNDING members who purchase a 1-month OR 3-month membership receive:
  • 2 Versa Loop bands by Power Systems
  • My signature logoed COOL-Max gaiter that can be worn 12 different ways! What?? Yup, it’s not fake news!