On The Go

Oct 24th, 2013

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On The Go

Finding time to work out is already difficult, but it’s even harder when people are traveling, but hotel gyms and some other simple exercises can help people fit in a workout on the go. NY1’s Valarie D’Elia filed the following report.

Source: http://brooklyn.ny1.com/content/lifestyles/travel/179649/how-travelers-can-stay-in-shape-on-the-go

Packing a 25-pound weight in a carry-on is just not going to fly. Carving out time for a workout is one of the biggest challenges of traveling for a living.

The experts at Canyon Ranch, a destination health resort in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, tell their guests how to best utilize the hotel gym when time is short.

“It’s very difficult because you are on the road, your schedule is not your own anymore,” says Eileen O’Donnell, a guest at Canyon Ranch.

A 30-minute “shred” class at Canyon Ranch teaches cardio for maximum impact.

“We do five sets of intervals or seven sets of intervals where you are working really hard for one minute, going breathless, out of your comfort zone, and then you recover for either two or three minutes, and you repeat that,” says Aimee Nicotera, the fitness director at Canyon Ranch.

Another takeaway includes the tools travelers need to stay toned.

“The Fitness-On-The-Go kit comes with a piece of rubber tubing with handles on the end, also comes with a jump rope and a pedometer,” says Nicotera.

Yoga is one regimen that travels well. Canyon’s Yoga-On-The-Go routine provides an easily foldable mat for squeezing in a few downward dogs.

As a guest at the ranch, I learned that perhaps the best way to stay in shape on the road is to get on the ball — the physio ball.

“The great thing about the ball is that it offers that stability challenge at the same time as targeting the muscle group we might be working,” says Nicotera. “So you get a long of bang for your buck with that big ball.”

Remember, whatever you do, just do it.

“One minute of exercise is better than no minutes of exercise,” says Nicotera. “Do what you can when you can, and take advantage of it because it’s going to make a difference.”

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