A Little About Me!

Fitness with Aimee Nicotera from Holly Hodson on Vimeo.

Hello friends! So, who is this fitness chic?

Let me tell you a little about myself, and how I may be able to help you!

I’ve been in the health and fitness business for 20 years! How is that possible?? Well, I started teaching group fitness classes at 17 years old….yes, some of my first classes were “hi/lo”! I immediately fell in love with helping people feel better about themselves using exercise and movement. I remember filling out a questionnaire from my first fitness employer, specifically asking about our goals for the industry. At 17 years old I wrote “…I would like to help make fitness fun for people of all ages…,” and that is still one of my intentions today!

Do I have the credentials?
I wish more people out there would ask this question when hiring fitness professionals! Yes, I hold a Bachelors of Science degree in Nutrition Science and a Masters Degree in Health Education. I also hold certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). In addition, I hold various other industry certifications including those from Spinning, Schwinn, TRX, EFI Gravity Group, Kangoo Jumps, Physical Mind Institute, Zenga Foundations, IndoRow, Krankcycle, and ViPR. I have also completed the Bridging and Advanced Training course through PTA Global. I love learning! I truly believe we can always improve our craft through more knowledge and new experiences!

What kind of work experience do I have?
I have had the opportunity to work in commercial and corporate fitness settings, as well as have had the pleasure to coordinate and manage wellness programs for companies, including Johnson & Johnson and Seton Health. I have served as a Group Fitness Manager for Equinox Fitness Clubs and most recently held the position of Fitness Director for Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA.

As a credentialed secondary level educator in New York State and California, I have also had the privilege to teach high school Health, Nutrition and Physical Education for a combined total of seven years. During this time, I was able to share my passion for health and fitness with young people! Through my teaching position, I was able to help develop an afterschool fitness and nutrition education program for elementary and high school students called SOS Mentor Shape Up. During this time, I was able to teach a variety of fitness classes for youths, in addition to coaching a marathon-training program for middle and high school level students. Helping kids get fit is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had!

Are you looking for personal training?
If you currently live in the south Florida area, I am available by appointment to provide you with a complete fitness and nutrition plan. If we don’t live close, we can work together to meet your health and fitness goals through the amazing technology now available to us! I can email, Skype, Face Time and virtually coach you to better health!

Are you interested in taking my group fitness class?
I pride myself on teaching group classes that are safe, effective and fun! I teach inclusive classes, providing options for various fitness levels and athletic abilities. Currently, I’m teaching in the South Florida area. Check out my schedule below, and join me! If this is too far for you, you can work out with me using my fitness DVDs, Take 20!® Volume 1 or 2X2 Conditioning™ Volume 1, both available for purchase on this site! My video content is also available on http://aimeenicoterafitness.pivotshare.com.

EDGE Fitness
4949 34th St. South St. Petersburg , FL 33711
Mondays: 5:30-6:15pm Power Pump and 6:15-7:00pm Cycle

Urban Body Fusion
4338 South Manhattan Ave
Tampa, FL 33611
Wednesdays: 8:30-9:00am Krank Express and 9:15-10:15am Krankfusion
Fridays: 8:30-9:00am Krank Express and 9:15-10:15am Krank Circuit

Are you a fitness facility looking for continuing education for your instructors?
To be competitive in this industry, your instructors need to know the latest research in the industry and how to apply it appropriately! I am a Master Trainer for Kangoo Jumps and ViPR Group Fitness. If you are interested in bringing these formats to your club, let’s connect!

I also have several continuing education workshops available to share, in addition to a wide variety of master classes. Formats include, 2X2 Conditioning™, Ballet Barre Blast, Metabolic Conditioning, Tabata for Group, Power Ball and Cardio Rhythms.

Are you a fitness facility looking for a consultant to start, improve or critique your group fitness program?
We all need benefit from another’s critical eye! I am happy to come in and evaluate your current group fitness program, or assist you in launching an amazing, innovative group fitness program at your club! I design fitness class content, programming and schedules for fitness companies. Contact me for a specific, individualized quote.

Are you looking to break into the fitness industry and become a group fitness instructor? Does your facility have a group of “wanna be” instructors looking to make the change?
Join this industry because you love it, and our world needs it! I have developed and led my own instructor-training program, which shares my years of experience and knowledge about what is needed to be successful in front of a class. You will finish this course prepared to complete an industry certification exam, in addition to being prepared to get in front of a group and ROCK!

Are you looking for a fitness media personality?
I have been interviewed for various magazines, including Canyon Ranch’s publication, Connections, as well as Reuter’s. I have been a guest on LA’s local ABC 7 and NY 1 television channels. Recently, I had the opportunity to host “Fit Talk with Aimee,” an engaging, interactive health and wellness radio show on 850 WFTL. I may be your girl!

What kind of athlete am I?
I love a physical challenge! Over the years, I have participated in various fitness activities, ranging from fitness competitions to marathon running and multi-sport racing. I have run 14 marathons, including 3 Boston Marathons and completed 1 full Iron Man event. I run and race for fun, and I do my best to be competitive in my age group!

What sets me apart from rest?
I’ve learned that you have to toot your own horn in this business! I have the experience and the education to help you get what you need in this industry! I talk the talk and walk the walk! I can help you, or your organization, meet any health and fitness related goals!

Connect with me today! Let’s work together to get people healthy, happy and fit! Join me in helping people choose well, move well and be well!